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It takes recruiters an average of 30 seconds to view a CV so keep these points in mind to make sure that your CV stands out!

Your CV must be typed and set out professionally. Your covering letter should make them want to read more, invite you for an interview, not toss your CV out. So, ensure it is brief, about 1 page, simple, accurate and proof-read. Does it show the link between your skills and the employer’s needs? Be honest! Lies on your CV will eventually come out. Highlight your real strengths and career achievements, don’t create false ones. Ensure there are no unexplained employment gaps. Always give reasons for your departure from each company. It is totally unnecessary to include photos of yourself! If you are neat and presentable, they will see this when you meet for an interview. But if you are applying for a frontline, PRO position or something in sales and you happen to have a really good, recent photo of yourself, include it, by all means! Please do not use your CV as a platform to show off your artistic flair ie. no word art, borders, graphics, decorative fonts, highlights or clip art. When e-mailing your CV, it should be in plain MS Word format. PowerPoint presentations, PDF formats and graphic layouts only annoy the recruiter. Check your spelling! Check through your CV carefully before sending it off, or better yet, get a second opinion!

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